Saturday, 26 November 2011

Empties: Face & Body Edition

Introducing my super cute rubber ducky, he has no name, but he is definitely ready for a bath with his scuba mask! But anyway... I don't often write about Face & Body products here on Midnight Violets, but they do crop up sometimes. I found myself finishing a few products in the last week or so, it's strange how things all happen at once. Some of the products I loved and some I was trying to finish just so they weren't sat around, but I'll be sharing my thoughts on all! On with the post! 

My Empties are...
  • Lush Grass Shower Gel (250g)
  • Treacle Moon Lemonade Days Shower Gel (500ml)
  • The Body Shop Tea Tree Blackhead Exfoliating Wash (100ml)
  • Skin Therapy Facial Wipes (Wilkinsons)
  • ELF Brush Shampoo (120ml)

Lush Grass Shower Gel 
(250g for £9.25)
Lovely shower gel, which the name suggests smells just like freshly cut grass. Not to everyone taste, but I really liked it and found it could be used on your hair without drying it out too. It also worked really well in the bath mixed with Original Sources Lime Shower Gel. 

Would I repurchase this? Who knows, I liked it, but it's not my favourite and not the cheapest. But I love the ingredients list! 

Treacle Moon Those Lemonade Days Shower Gel 
(500ml for £3.03)
A lot cheaper than the Lush one, but for me that came at a price. I found that it made my skin a bit dry after using it. But saying that it did have the most amazing lemon sherbet scent to it. Not much more to say really except the packaging is really cute. Oh and these are sold at Tesco to save any of you hunting after the brand!

Would I repurchase this? Probably not the Shower Gel, but Treacle Moon sells some nice everyday body scrubs, I use the Coconut one quite a lot - it's nothing special but smells delish! 


The Body Shop Tea Tree Blackhead Exfoliating Wash 
(100ml for £5.50)
Really liked this scrub, it didn't dry my skin out like some of The Body Shop skincare can and was gentle enough to use frequently. I won't claim it gives me perfect skin, but not much, if anything on it's own will but this definitely made an improvement! 

Would I repurchase this? Well I did go in to buy a back up a while ago but came out with the Vitamin C Facial Polish as it looked good and was on offer. But I would have got the Tea Tree one otherwise!

Skin Therapy Facial Wipes 
(Very cheap, can't remember the exact price!)
These are dirt cheap face wipes from Wilkinsons. Smells not great, but they seem to do the job. I don't really tend to use these much on my face as I prefer to take my make-up off and clean my face properly. But these work great for removing swatches from your hand and lips during a swatching session. And I must say they make my lips feel really really soft after!

Would I repurchase this? This was my third packet and I've already started a fourth, which says it really! 

ELF Brush Shampoo (120ml for £3.50)
Not quite a face or body product, but it's managed to work it's way into these kind of reviews. I bought this almost a year ago but only picked it up occasionally as it's pretty expensive for what it is really, considering baby shampoo works just as well. But if you'd rather a specific product for brush cleaning this could be a answer. 

Would I repurchase this? Can't see it happening to be honest, but I'll definitely be back to ELF for makeup! 

That just about rounds off my empties for now, back to the make-up empties next time though! Unless you liked hearing about some of my other empties? Let me know :) But as always if you wanted to know anything else then don't hesitate to ask me. Thanks for stopping by, H :)


  1. An empty LUSH bottle? thats always sad! haha!
    At least you can buy a new one and whilst you're there stock up on their Christmas items ;) haha

  2. Yay for empties! I love seeing empties, MU or otherwise!

  3. I love these reviews!I'm so nosey ha ha! I think I must do some like it!

  4. I love seeing posts on empties-they're very inspiring.

  5. Thanks for all the positive responses everyone, glad you find them interesting and inspiring. I will make sure to keep my empties from now on and feature them on my blog each time I have a few to talk about! Also thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment, it means a lot to me :)

    Hope your all happy and well, H :)


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