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Top Picks: Autumn Lip Colours

The colder months are well and truely upon us now in the UK, which means it's the perfect time to bring out some deeper red, berry and more vampy coloured lips to match the season. So today I thought I'd pull out some old favourites and some newbies too that are great for the autumn/fall months to share with you all. I've included everything from lipsticks, to gloss and stains. With lip swatches and normal swatches too. I hope you enjoy my picks :) 

What makes a good autumn lip colour for me?
For me when we start to get into winter I prefer to wear some deeper colours on my lips such as deep reds and pinks. But also more berry and vampy toned colours. I've only included products with vibrant colour here but if you wanted a more subtle colour you could try Benfits Bentint, MeMeMe's Pussycat Lip Tint or Models Own's Blackberry Lipbalm all of which have a more subtle colour to them. 

  • 17 Ultimate Volume Lipgloss - Very Berry
  • 17 Supreme Shine Lipstick - Deep Secret
  • Topshop Gloss - Volt
  • Sleek Pout Paint - Port
  • GOSH Long Lasting Lip Marker - Berry

17 Ultimate Volume Lipgloss - Very Berry (RRP £3.99)
This is a very recent addition to my lipgloss collection, currently coming free when you buy 2 other 17 products. I haven't been much of a fan of these glosses in the past, but this one is really pigmented and has a really nice glossy  finish to it. It's a really nice red colour for the colder months as it's not a deep red, but definitely not a really bright one either. I do hate the strong smell of buttercream it has to it, really not something for me as I don't eat dairy! Oh and this works pretty well at making the teeth appear whiter. 


17 Supreme Shine Lipstick - Deep Secret (£4.99)
The Supreme Shine Lipsticks from 17 are a new addition for the brand, and when I saw this shade I knew I had to have it! I will be getting a full review up in the next couple of weeks but for now I'll talk about the beautiful colour and finish. Like the name suggests it has a really nice glossy finish for a lipstick, but not quite as much as the Mirror Shine ones. The colour is a medium-deep red with slight pink/purple tones. Really great against pale skin tones with some dark liner. 


Topshop Gloss - Volt (Previous Limited Edition Product)
This shade's the more vampy of my choices, having a strong wine colour flowing through it and also being quite deep toned, with a lovely glossy finish. I wouldn't say it applies as evenly as I'd like, but it works amazingly over the 17 Lipstick I just talked about above. It works really well with deeper bronze and burgundy eye colours, to complete the look. I have reviewed this fully in the past, so if you wanted to read more, the review can be found here


Sleek Pout Paint - Port (£4.99)
The pout paints from Sleek are a slightly different product, much like the OCC Lip Tar's. They have a very strong pigmentation so you only need to use the teeniest amount to get strongly coloured lips. The Port shade in particular is a really pretty fuchsia pink colour that verges on the deeper side. Whats really great about the paints is that you can mix them together to make your very own custom colour. This also lasts for hours and hours on the lips, but for more information my review can be found here


GOSH Long Lasting Lip Marker - Berry (£6.99)
If you've been a follower of my blog for a while, you may remember me raving about these lip markers a lot over the summer. But this particular shade - Berry is perfect for the winter months with a berry scent to match. It has a velvety finish with a minimal amount of sheen. The colour itself is a perfect mix of pink and red, making a really pretty strong berry colour and being in a pen form makes it really easy to apply. Swatches of the other colours and a full review can be found here


Thanks for taking the time to read my post, and well done if you got to the end, it was a little long today! As always if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask and I'd love to hear what products your loving for the autumn months :) Thanks again, H :)


  1. Port is my favourite :-)

    Holli x

  2. Volt looks amazing! I always overlook Topshop make up but I don't know why because everything I've tried is bloody lovely. Thank you for sharing! xxxx

  3. Thanks for sharing, I got the free 17 lipgloss the other day but I haven't tried it out yet, I was waiting to see if someone else would post about what it actually looks like on! x

  4. @ Dragon Mommy - I really like Port too, it's probably my favourite of the Pout Paints I have! x

    @Jesse - I completely agree with you about Topshop, but I think the prices put me off a little as I can often get similar things for less. x

    @ Sarah - Your welcome, I managed to get a proper review of the set up today, which has a swatch in as well. I hope your enjoying it :) x

  5. I love the pout paints sooo much!! i love Pinkini its such an amazing colour!


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