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Review + Swatches: Too Faced Fun in the Dark Palette

I don't always buy from the drugstore. Very occasionally I deviate and go for something a little pricey. But always when the products come in sets and at a great price. This little palette I have to share today usually sells at around £20 from what I can see on the internet, but I manged to pick it up for a bargainous £15 from a website called BuyaPowa. 

A Quick Word on BuyaPowa
It's a website that manages to offer really cheap prices on a couple of products at a time through cobuying. The products are sold usually for around 2 days from what I can see, but aren't always make-up. Sorry I hadn't mentioned the website before, but I didn't want to recommend something I haven't tried, but now I have I can thoroughly recommend it! I can't help checking back to see what they have on offer every day! The website can be found here.

What does the palette include? 
  • Pin-Up Eyeshadow (0.9g)
  • Peep Show Eyeshadow (0.9g)
  • Full Frontal Eyeshadow (0.9g)
  • Lucky Charms Eyeshadow (0.9g)
  • Papa Don't Peach Blush (2.5g)
  • Sun Bunny Bronzer (2.5g)
  • Girls Dig Pearls Lipgloss - Tropical Pink (1.28g)
  • Lip of Luxury Lipstick - Free Love (1.28g)

The Packaging
The palette is made up of a magnetic closing cardboard palette, it's sturdy though and covered in cute designs and pictures (sorry I didn't get many pictures of the prettiness as this post has pictures galore already!). Inside there's a reasonable sized mirror, which has 6 LED lights surrounding it. The lights can be turned off/on but personally I think they're a bit gimmicky. The layouts quite nice, but theres the age old complaint of the cream/powder product combination, in the end the cream products will be messy from powder fallout! 

The Eyeshadows
These eyeshadows are nicely pigmented and all have a shimmery finish with no glitter. The choices are nice and go well together, but I can't help feeling that none of them are anything I wouldn't be able to pick up at the drugstore... That aside they last really well, infact pretty much all day without creasing! 

Pin-Up -  This is a nice, but pretty standard slightly warm toned off white, creamy shade. It makes a nice all over wash on the lid or can work as a highlight if applied lightly. 

Peep Show - This one is a little sheer, but does apply evenly. The shade itself is a pale peachy shade, kind of like a less golden version of Urban Decay's X Eyeshadow - yes that is the actual name! 

Full Frontal - Probably the favourite for me in the palette. Its a gorgeous coppery brown, which isn't really dark, but stills works well in the crease - also looks really pretty with Lucky Charms

Lucky Charms -  This is a bright green, which verges on khaki making it more suitable for everyday wear. This shade did disappoint me a little though as by the end of the day it had pretty much faded into nothingness. 

Girls Dig Pearls Lipgloss - Tropical Pink 
This lipgloss has a very jelly like texture to it - if that makes any sense?! It does feel fine on the lips though, but does take a fair amount to get the nice glossy finish that I expect for a lipgloss. The colour looks pink in the pan, but applies as a clear gloss with a small amount of pink glitter, which is pretty subtle and very wearable. On my lips I find this lasts around around 3 hours, which is pretty good. 
Lip of Luxury Lipstick - Free Love 
In the pan this looks pretty similar, but lighter than 17's Mirror Shine Lipstick in Beehive. Free Love definitely has a better pigmentation to it and some nice pinky tones to make a great nudey lipstick great for everyday wear. Although unfortunately for me this seems a little frosty on the lips, due to the pale colour and gloss I think? However it's still really nice and lasts around 2 hours

Papa Don't Peach Blush
As the name suggests this blush is a peachy colour! No shockers there I suspect. It has a light shimmery finish to it, without any chunky glitter. The blush when swatched does have a nice strong pigmentation to it, but somehow the colour doesn't seem to transfer to the face much, it does give a nice glow to the skin though. But if you do want a proper colour from it you can apply a couple more layers to get some colour.
Sun Bunny Bronzer
I've only very recently got into bronzers so I'm not the most informed about them, but I can still give you a quick overview of what I think! This unlike the blush applies with a nice pigmentation to the skin, blending in really nicely. It again has some shimmer to it, so won't be to everyones taste. But it's nothing over the top and doesn't leave a glitterball effect! I personally think it's a teeny bit orange on me, but being so pale I can imagine it will work a lot nicer on those with a bit of a tan! 


In the pictures below I have the bronzer and blushes on as well as wearing eyeshadows just from the palette. In each one I either wearing the lipgloss/lipstick from the palette to show you what they look like on, in lip swatches. 

And sorry about my eyes looking so black, they haven't been edited, I'm obviously a demon at heart waiting to come out for Halloween! 

The Good - Great mix of products, pretty designs on palette, pigmentation and longevity is generally very good, good sized mirror, great for travel.

The Not so Good - none of the colours are that individual, blush applies fairly sheer, mix of cream/powder products can be messy. 

Who might like it? Those that like to have compact products to travel with. Also people that like nudey colours. 

Would I buy it again? Probably not as none of the colours are very unique, but it's definitely a nice thing to own. 

The Bottom Line - Nice quality, great for travel, but nothing is that unique. 

Sorry about the seriously long post today guys! I had a lot to say! But as I had so many products to talk about I may have not gone into the detail I usually do so don't hesitate to ask me any further questions you have. Tomorrow I have my Halloween look coming up, so stay tuned! Thanks for stopping by, H :)   



  1. i dont like these palettes because usually they break then the eyeshadow mixes with the lipsticks an messes them up

  2. Could you provide a link to the BuyaPower website? When I googled it nothing came up. Thanks!

  3. Sorry Elizabeth, it's my fault I spelt the name wrong, I have now edited the post with the correct spelling and a link, but I've put the URL at the bottom of this comment too! Sorry for being a bit useless!

  4. No worries! Thanks for getting back to my so quickly. I just found your blog about a week ago but I'm LOVING the fact that you tend to stick to lower priced items. Thanks!

  5. Aww thanks Elizabeth, you managed to catch me whilst I was online! Really glad you like my blog though, always makes me smile to hear that :) And hope you enjoy looking at BuyaPowa!


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