Thursday, 20 October 2011

Review + Swatches: Lush Christmas Lip Tints

As part of their Christmas collection this year Lush released 3 Lip Tints, 2 new ones and one that has returned from last years offerings. I was a little naughty and picked up all three as I have a bit of a thing for Lush and tinted balms! The three realeased are called Chilli Tingle, Celebrate and Snow Fairy, the last one being the repromote from last year. 

The Basics
These little lip tints all have different scents to them all of which will described in the seperate reviews below. But they all come in the same screw top tins with 10g of product. They can be a little hard to open, but if you put it in the palms of both hands and twist your hands it does the trick. They also all have different prices, but all are under £5, which is very reasonable considering the ingredients lush uses! From my experience they have all had a really good moisturizing effect on my lips.


Chilli Tingle Lip Tint (£4.75)
Don't let the name put you off this doesn't give a tingling sensation to the lips! It'ss is actually and orange that steers close to red, and surprisingly this actually looks alright against my pale skin and blonde hair, which really did surprise me. Theres no shimmer to this one but a subtle sheen and longlasting colour. The texture of this isn't gritty like some Lush balms can be, it is a little hard in the tin though. Unfortunatly I don't like the scent of this, it smells a bit like bitter style chocolate? But like I always say scents are a very personal thing. 

Celebrate Lip Tint (£4.75)
First off, whats with the gold stuff on the top - so annoying! That aside this one also surprised me, I wasn't 100% convinced on the colour to start with and to be honest I still think it's a little pale on me but oh well! The colour is a frosty pale pink nude colour with golden lustre running through it. Again this isn't gritty and actually has a lovely creamy smooth texture to it and feels really nice and moisturizing on the lips. I don't know what champagne smells like but this apparently smells like that according to the Lush website :)

Snow Fairy Lip Tint (£4.25)
Sweet, candy, fruity, bubblegum, girly! This is definitely a love it, hate it scent, very girly. Although saying that my OH likes the smell of the Snow Fairy shower gel! Anyway now we've established it doesn't have a sophisticated scent we can talk about the colour! It's a medium pink, looking very bright in the tin, but applying sheerly to be very wearable for anytime of day. I do find that this one can feel a little bit waxy and wierd on my lips after a while - but overall I love it and have already made a substantial dip in the product!

Which one do I like best?
Definitely Snow Fairy as I'm a massive fan of the scent and looove a subtle pink tint to my lips. Think less glossy than Sleeks Pout Polish with around the same type of pigmentation - so I can definitely justify having a pink of both!

What about the packaging?
I'm not personally the biggest fan of these little tins lush does as they can be a nightmare to open, I actually had to exchange one of these as I just couldn't get it open and they couldn't instore either! But whats inside is really great, so it's worth it I guess. 

How do they last?
 I can't speak for these particular lip tints, but I have found that a couple of my lush lip balms (not all!) have become a little gritty over time! It's also worth mentioning here that as these contain a lot of natural products Lush says they have a 14 month life to them - dates are printed on the tins. 

L-R: Celebrate, Chilli Tingle, Snow Fairy.

I must say that apart from these Lip Tints, I'm not overly wowed by the Lush Christmas offerings, a lot of it seems to be a return from last year, might try a couple of the bath bits though! Is there anything really great I should be trying? 

Anyway thanks for stopping by to check out my post, I really appreciate it and hope you found it helpful :)


  1. wow they look awesoe! :P i might buy the pink one that looks hot! :D

  2. I really like the look of Chilli Tingle, but I also really like the idea of having Snow Fairy scented lips! x

  3. I want all 3 now! They all look great! xx

  4. Oh wow, those are all so pretty! I might have to drop by the LUSH store on my lunch hour one day next week. I really love Chilli Tingle. Gorgeous!

  5. All three look really lovely on you. I am tempted to go and seek out chilli tingle though, such a beautiful colour and I am crazy about bitter chocolate! x

  6. Snow Fairy looks amazing on you!

  7. These look so gorgeous! I want all of them!

  8. chilli tingle looks absolutely amazing on you!! i bought that one, unfortunately it's not quite as lovely on me- more a neon orange... i wish it looked as wonderful as it does on you... maybe i'm applying too much. any tips?

  9. Possibly, I tend to just apply a small amount as orange isn't really my colour! But with Lush being all natural etc, there can be a slight colour variation between shades (or so I hear), so that could have something to do with it too! Hope that helps and good luck :)


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