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Grab a Bargain! 17 Femme Noir Kit, Review + Swatches

I really like the little sets and palettes that 17 put out as gifts with purchase, they're definitely a draw for me to purchase from the brand! And are always great value. And their most recent offering is no different! I'd love to tell you when the offers on until, but I couldn't find the information anywhere, sorry guys :( The offer itself is that you get the Femme Noir Set free when you purchase two items from the brand. But anyway on with the products, swatches and review! Hope you enjoy :) 

What does the set include?
  • Ultimate Volume Lipgloss - Very Berry (8ml)
  • Glitter Eyeshadow - Night Sky (size not stated)
  • Liquid Eye Liner - Black (8ml) 
  • Coupon for 100 Advantage Card Points when you spend £5 on 17

17 Liquid Eye Liner - Black
I'm generally not the biggest fan of liquid liners, but I've tried my best to give an unbiased review of this and I didn't think it was all that bad. It has a really great strong black colour to it, which lasts pretty well without flaking - unless you spend a long time in a hot environment e.g you work in a kitchen! It does take forever to dry down when you first apply it, but stays where you've applied it unless it gets very wet. The applicator is a brush style, which isn't my first choice, but it doesn't splay and applies evenly, but hard to work with though! 

17 Ultimate Volume Lipgloss - Very Berry 
This is where I'm going to have to eat my words! I did in a previous review say that I didn't like the Ultimate Volume Lipglosses but I actually really like this one, It's the colour I'm drawn to. It does last a good 3-4 hours on the lips though, which is really good. There's a horrible (in my eyes) buttercream scent to it that I haven't noticed in my other one of these in a different shade, bit of a mystery! Anyway the gloss is a well pigmented pearly red that is slightly deepened and makes a really good winter shade with smokey eyes. 


17 Glitter Eyeshadow - Night Sky 
As far as I can remember I haven't tried any of the glitter eyeshadows from 17 until now. But I'm really into this one as it's one of those shades you can apply a quick wash of to the lid and be sorted for eyeshadow in a hurry - it's also a great replacement to my No7 Eyeshadow in Comet that I finished up a few months ago. The colour is a medium grey with slightly golden microglitter and a very slight golden tinge to it. Where the eyeshadow's a let down for me is that it creases after about 5 hours even over my trusty Too Faced Shadow Insurance and also has a little fallout.

Would I buy any of these products again? 
I don't think I'd go back for the liner as it's really not for me, but this particular shade of ligloss I would definitely repurchase when I finish this one. And I'm undecided on the eyshadow, I really like how it applies. But I wish it was a little longer lasting which puts me off a little. But I still really like their regular Solo Eyeshadows. 

How do the three products work together as a set?
I think the choices here are really great and the products work well together. Although you wouldn't really be able to get the look of the model on the box, but all in all a great little set - especially for free! Spot on 17! 


Thanks for stopping by to have a read I really appreciate you all, I'm a little overwhelmed by the amount of followers I've had recently, so thank you everyone for wanting to read what little old me has to say, It means a lot to me :) 

And as always if you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask as I know these reviews were quite compact! Thanks again, H :)

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  1. That's a gorgeous shade of lipgloss. It's a perfect red that's not too dramatic. :)


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