Thursday, 29 September 2011

Review: Ecotools 6 Piece Eye Brush Set

I can't even remember how long I'd lusted after some Ecotools brushes before I eventually took the plunge and brought myself this little set. And I must say, I was really rather impressed, I much prefer them to my ELF Bamboo brushes! I picked it up for a great £14.99 from Boots. 

As always I have included a summary at the end. 

The Basics 
This set includes 5 eyes brushes in a small roll with a mirror - very practical for taking away! The brushes are.... a shade brush, smudge brush, crease brush, highlight brush and a blend brush. They are not full size, but they fit fine in my hand, so not too small, just very travel friendly! The brand also sells a range of face brushes and other beauty tools. I have my eye on the Kabuki Brush!

L-R: Blend, Crease, Highlight, Shade, Smudge.

Brush Features
These brushes are all synthetic, being made of Taklon which is lovely and soft on the eyes. The ferrules are made from recycled aluminum and the handles bamboo. All in all pretty eco friendly to match the name!  The set has a good range of shapes and sizes of brushes, which can work as a set for the eyes without anymore brushes - I was happy just taking this for my eyes away for a weekend. 

Ecotools Blend Brush
 Blend Brush 
This is a fairly large eyeshadow brush, which tapers slightly towards the centre. It actually works pretty differently to my other eyeshadow brushes as it doesn't pack the colour on as such. It is great for adding a sheer coat of colour to the lid, the application is really even (eyeshadow depending of course!). This brush as the name suggests also blends out the edges nicely. 

Ecotools Crease Brush

Crease Brush
Again this is slightly larger than the average crease brush, this particular one being  an angled crease brush. Which if I'm honest isn't my favourite style for using in my crease. It does however work alright, but again gives a sheer, but well blended coverage. Probably my least favourite of the set, but mainly because I like rounded crease brushes! 

Ecotools Highlight Brush
Highlight Brush
To start this first off, I really don't like this as a highlight brush, it's far to big for my eyes. Bigger than the ELF Contouring Eye Brush which has a similar but smaller shape. I do however like this for applying pigmented colours to the crease as the brush blends well and applies the colour sheerer and evenly. It also works really great for applying cream concealer believe it or not! 

Ecotools Shade Brush
Shade Brush 
This is my absolute favourite of the set! It's basically your average eyeshadow brush shape, in teeny form! It is intended for adding deep and accent colours, which yes it's good at, but it really shines as a highlight brush! I use this every single day, without exception to add a highlight under my brows. I haven't a bad word to say about it really. 

Ecotools Smudge Brush
Smudge Brush 
Strangely enough I didn't have a smudge brush before I had this, I just used cotton buds. This is definitely a step up though! Perfect for setting liner with a powder as it's really small and cute! It fairly firm but has a flexibility to it, which makes it great to work with. It also works as a lip brush at a push - but be warned it will absorb a fair amount of product.

The Good - good selection of brushes, soft taklon bristles, blend really well, I am in love with the shade brush!, good value, great for travel.

The Not so Good - some may not like the shorter handles, the larger three brushes apply colour a little sheer, but still even, so some may like this. 

Would I buy again? Happily, I have my eye on the Kabuki brush now! 

Who might like these? Those looking for some good synthetic brushes on the highstreet. Someone with big eyes looking for some slightly larger brushes, people looking for a eye brush travel set. 

The Bottom Line - The larger brushes do apply a little sheerer than other brushes, but I actually like this for daytime wear, with their beautifully even and blended finish. 

Thanks for reading my post, I hope you found it helpful, or at least found it interesting! As always if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. Anybody else tried any of the Ecotools brushes? Thanks again, H :) 


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  2. I was really unsure whether to buy them because I couldn't find a review but know I have find yours I'm definetly going to boots to buy them! xxxxxxxx


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