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Review and Swatches: ELF Mineral Lipsticks

Evening everyone! I know I said it yesterday, but I'm sorry I'm reviewing another ELF product! Today it's the turn of the Mineral Lipsticks which I really liked and am actually pretty excited to review for you. I have three of them at the moment - Nicely Nude, Barely Bitten and Rosy Raisin. They each cost £3.50 and are available from the ELF Website. Like always I have lip swatches and full face shots lower down :)

As always I have included a summary the end. 

T-B: Barely Bitten, Rosy Raisin, Nicely Nude.

The Basics 
As I've just said these are £3.50 for 3.8g of product, which is pretty average. They actually come is some pretty sleek looking black tubes, which definitely don't give the cheap price away. The ingredients are mineral based with no parabens, chemical dyes or preservatives. There's a reasonable colour variation too with 16 colours available on the UK website. 

L-R: Nicely Nude, Rosy Raisin, Barely Bitten.

The Formula 
One of the really great things about these lipsticks is that they glide on really easily and smoothly. Another good thing is that they don't feel heavy at all on the lips and are really smooth feeling, with a formula that gently moisturizes my lips. Infact they do feel quite like a balm on the lips. The slight let down for me is that these only last around two and a half hours on my lips - but the fade is generally even. 

Bare Lips
ELF Mineral Lipstick - Barely Bitten

Barely Bitten
This is the first one I ever got, I've had it since January, so I've had a quite a lot of chance to play with it. The website describes this as 'Deep pink with golden shimmer'. I'm going to have to be honest, although I really like this, I would say it's much more red than pink, there is some pink in there though - not quite as much as in the lip swatches above. The golden shimmer is subtle and pretty, with the pigmentation being good and buildable. 

Bare Lips
ELF Mineral Lipstick - Nicely Nude

Nicely Nude 
The name is spot on - this is a really nice pinky nude. On the website it's described as 'A sheer warm pink with a hint of gold shimmer'. Which again is a not bad description, although I wouldn't call the colour sheer, but the pink is definitely very muted. This isn't as buildable as Barely Bitten, but the colours pretty pigmented on the first application. 

Bare Lips
ELF Mineral Lipstick - Rosy Raisin

Rosy Raisin 
As you can probably tell from the pictures above this is very similar to my lip colour - definitely a my lips but better shade. It's described on the ELF website as a 'Cool toned pink brown with a hint of silver'.  The colours pretty much that, although the silver is very discrete in the tube and not really there on the lips. This ones perfect for everyday wear at work or school. Like the other two shades this has a very slight glossy sheen to it. 

L-R: Barely Bitten, Nicely Nude, Rosy Raisin.

The Good - cheap, moisurizing, some nice nude shades, unscented, packaging, nice finish, paraben free.

The Not so Good - have to buy online in UK, not the longest lasting on the lips.

Would I buy again? Yup, they're great value and feel really nice on the lips. I have my eye on Ripe Rose and Pouty Petal at the moment - both look really pretty. 

Who might like them?   Those looking for cheap moisturizing lipsticks. And Rosy Raisin is a great my lips but better shade for those of us with pale skin. 

The Bottom Line - A great little lipstick, with some great nude options.

As always thanks for stopping by my blog to have a look around, I hope you enjoyed my post. But if you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask. Thanks again, H :)   

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  1. i love these they are so awesome, so pigmented ust wow! (blog)


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