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MUA Glitter Eyeliner Review and Swatches

MakeUp Academy (MUA) is famous with UK bloggers for it's impressive £1 eyeshadows. Until a couple of weeks ago these were all I'd tried from the brand (swatches here), but I couldn't suppress my curiosity anymore and delved in. Until recently everything MUA sold cost £1, but not too long ago they brought out a range with some slightly more expensive products. My Superdrug has yet to get them in though. As you can probably guess this cost £1 and came from Superdrug

As always I have included a summary at the bottom. 

The Colour + Pigmentation 
This is an almost black (you could call it a very very dark gunmetal), with a slight shimmer to the base colour. Running through it is silver glitter, but not too chunky to be scratchy on your eye. It's quite unusual to find a cheap glitter liner with a coloured base - I like this. The pigmenation is good, I find the applicator doesn't apply the product to appear even though.

The Packaging + Applicator
The product comes in a pretty standard tube holding 1.6ml - an okay amount for the price. Inside is an applicator I'm not used to on a liquid eyeliner - it's made of flexible plastic with grooves running down it. I find that it doesn't apply the product very evenly - leaving a line of no product running through the middle. I also find that you have to keep returning the applicator to the tube to line the eye. 

L-R: MUA shade 10, Sleek Inkpot in Dominatrix

The Formula 
For me the liner is a little to thick in consistency - which means it doesn't apply as smoothly and has a longer dry down time (2-3 minutes!). I also find that once it's been on the eye for as little as an hour it starts to flake off leaving the finish patchy. It is not waterproof - but thats alright as it's not advertised as such. But for me that means I can only wear it on my upper lashline as I tend to have watery eyes. 

With MUA Glitter Eyeliner Shade 10

The Good - Cheap, not so common to have a glitter liner with a coloured base, well pigmented. 

The Not so Good - starts to flake off after an hour, takes 2-3 minutes to dry, applicator and product thickness means application can be difficult/uneven.   

Would I buy this again? More than likely no. I'd like to love it because it's so cheap but it's just not for me. Next stop will probabaly be Collection 2000's Glitter Liners. I'm on a bit of a mission to find some I like at the moment. 

Who would this be suited to? If your desperate for a liner and only have a pound this would be great. Also I think that this could work alright as amateur stage make-up as it will give some glitter and no-one will see it up close.  

My slight disappointment with this liner won't be putting me off of MUA, I've heard good things about their lipsticks, so will probably be checking them out soon. Sorry if it's seemed that this is a bit of a negative review but I just wanted to give an honest review of my experience with this product.

Thanks for reading my post, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask using the comments below, Thanks again, H :)  

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