Sunday, 26 June 2011

The Body Shop Tailored Cheek Tint Review and Swatches

I picked this blush up just over a week ago in the The Body Shop sale for £4.50, I can't see it on their website but it may still be available in your store. I'm not sure if this comes in different colours but the one I have is 01 - hot pink. This has a very unusual texture to it and comes in a squeezy tube with an attached brush.

As usual I have a summary at the bottom. 

 This limited edition blush has a very unusual texture to it as I've already mentioned. To me it feels very similar to a silicon based face primer. I find that this helps it to blend very easily into the skin. I tend to do this with my fingers as the brush included is not very good for anything put dispensing the product. However I find that if anything it blends too well and it is very easy to blend out to no colour.

I also find that it has a habitat to settle into the pores on my cheeks so I wouldn't recommend this to people that have larger pores. I also find that this product leaves a 'soft' residue on the skin, this can be wiped away after a bit but this removes some of the colour too, in the two photos below I've shown how removing this residue affects the colour. After experiencing this I tried setting the product with a similar coloured blush (Sleeks Pixie Pink Blush), but I still found that I didn't get much wear from it - less than the Sleek blush on it's own.

I have read some good reviews of this product so it may just be that this isn't a product for me. If your interested in this product it may be worth checking out what other people have to say as this is just my opinion.

With Residue

When the product first comes out it clear but upon hitting the air it turns pink, and then pinker when it is blended to the skin. The applicator is very easy to use and allows you too use the amount of product you want.

The colour of the blush is sheer hot pink, with a tiny hint of purple in it that gives a really natural look. I haven't got a picture of this applied to the cheeks as I found I couldn't wear it without it settling into my pores. Also it was so sheer that it didn't really show up on the rest of my cheeks in the photographs.

With the Residue removed - I can't get this colour pay-off on my skin!

The Good - I think the idea is good as is the packaging, I think the formula is the let down here. Packaging design is also cute.

The Not so Good - I just can't get on with the formula - it's too sheer, only lasts around an hour on me and has a 'soft' residue. 

Would I buy this again? Nope, for me this was a waste of money, I tried using it on my lips but it gave no colour so that was a bit of a fail for me too. I really wanted to like this as overall I'm a big fan of The Body Shop.  

I don't think it would be fair of me to suggest who this product might be suited to as I ususally do. If you are interested in this product try reading some of the reviews on The Body Shop website as they are mainly positive (there are a couple that appear to have had the same experiences as me). I feel like I've spent this whole post being negative, I hate to write bad reviews but I just want to be honest about what I thought. I hope that it was helpful and thankyou for reading my post, H :)


  1. I love this on my lips; they take my pigmented lips up a notch to being almost fuschia! Agreed about the cheek element though, but if you've still got this, try applying two layers to the lips, blotting each time, and it might work a treat :) x

  2. Thanks for the tip Jenny. I do still have this and have given this a quick try this morning. And so far so good, will definitely be using this sometimes now! I hate throwing things away but could never bring myself to use this! Now I can, so thanks :)


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