Tuesday, 31 May 2011

BeautyUK Eyeshadow and Eyeliner Review and Swatches

BeautyUK isn't really a brand I've delved into much in the past as I've always thought of them as a cheap teen brand (sorry!) but I'd heard a couple of good reviews about their new liquid eyeliners and wanted to pick one up to try (I got eclipse - review to follow). Whilst i was there I couldn't help but have a bit of a nose around the stand and noticed they had some new palettes which included a gel eyeliner duo! It's not often you find a drugstore gel liner, but I have noticed quite a few brands popping up recently, Maybelline and Accessorize to name a few.

But I'm far away from the point now! I picked this up for I think it was £3.99 for 6 eyeshadows and 2 gel liners, I chose the more subtle colours as I new I'd use it more, there is a brightly coloured one that has a blue and a black gel liner instead of black and brown that this has.

As usual there is a summary at the bottom. 

For those of you who don't like Talc in your make-up these are probably one to miss as it tops the ingredients, as you can also see this is palette number 2.

These are the 6 coloured eyeshadows included, each one contains 1g of product and is slightly smaller than a 1p penny, sorry it's a UK comparisson, I don't really know about the sizes of foreign coins. Quality wise I think that they shadows are very soft, but possibly a bit to much makeing them slightly powdery, this creates some fall out, but I've definitely seen worse. They are also all shimmery (not glittery) and well pigmented. The pearl white shade probably has the worst pigmentation, but this makes it work really well as a highlighter. The colour selection is well thought out, there is everything needed to create a variety of looks.

And this is what made me buy the palette... I'm gonna mention here that BeautyUK doesn't tend to have testers out so it's a bit of a blind buy. But being so cheap I usually will give in if something really catches my eye (I already have a couple of their palettes). Anyway onto the eyeliners...

As you can see the black is a bit sheer, but it can be built up a bit more than shown here, it does show on the eye though. The brown is better pigmented and works well on the eyes too. I prefer to use these on my upper lashline only mainly because they aren't waterproof. These gel liners also make good and cheap eyeshadow bases, although I suggest that you use a good primer underneath. They do fade through the day and so probably wouldn't be suited to those who don't like to touch up during the day.

The palette comes with a double ended brush, one thats a slanted eyeliner brush and the other is a fluffy crease style brush. Both are tiny! The eyeliner brush is alright, and would definitely work for those that don't have anything else to use. The eyeshadow brush however is a bit naff and not really worth using. I'm quite impressed with the brushes just because they're not sponge applicators!

I created two looks with the palette that I've got pictures of below. I haven't used any other eyeshadows in the look but the liner on the bottom lashes is not from the palette, it is on the top though.

How pretty are those colours!!

The Good - Eyeshadow is pigmented and soft, pretty colours, cheap gel eyeliner, good value, lasts well, whole look from 1 palette.

The Not so Good - Overall I really like the palette but the gel eyeliners do tend to fade and are not waterproof.

Would I buy again? I sure would I think it's great value and the colours are stunning, a couple of the browns are really unique in my collection. I am considering the other palette just so I can have a blue gel liner....

Who is this best suited to? People on a budget, those that like natural looking eyes and those that don't mind touching their make-up up during the day.

Overall I am very pleased with this purchase, I think it's great value. Has anyone else picked anything up recently that has turned out to be a real stunner of a product? Hope your all well and enjoying the rare sun, H :)


  1. just bought this earlier today, am looking forward to trying the shadows and liners out later. Your makeup looks great! x

  2. Hope you enjoy it Laura, the eyeshadows are the real winners of this palette - I've almost finished up the white now!


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